A Welcoming, Christian
Environment, Preparing Servant Leaders for Christ.

Granville Christian Academy is a K-12 Private Christian school that aligns Biblical truths, family values, and academic excellence — all in one holistic educational experience.

At GCA, we not only invest in our student’s learning and academic growth, we invest in their personal and spiritual development, so they can become the bright, compassionate leaders they are called to be.

Developing Christian leaders for life-long service.

At GCA, we believe every child is called in unique ways to serve others. This call to a life of servant leadership begins early on. We combine high-quality, challenging academics with a Biblical worldview to ensure our students are deeply rooted in their faith and ready to impact the world through leadership. When our students graduate, they are equipped to defend their faith, prepared to feel confident in their unique gifts and abilities, and encouraged to seek and discover Christ throughout their lives.

Providing a well-rounded educational experience.

We develop the whole person by focusing on academic excellence, character development, involvement in the arts and athletics, and opportunities for compassionate service. We provide a safe, welcoming, and purpose-filled environment where students approach their studies with passion and encourage one another to succeed.

"We love being a part of the GCA family! The education is top-notch, and our son stays motivated and encouraged throughout the year. The school nurtures the entire student (mind, body, and soul) and goes above and beyond with events like reading week, science week, community service projects, etc. Parents get the opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the excitement as well. We really can’t say enough positive things about GCA. So thankful for all they do!"

– Leah Latshaw, Parent

"GCA includes Christ in everything we do. Every person here has a story of how God has moved in them. Our teachers and staff here tell you their testimonies and share how God is working in their life. Seeing and listening about how God uses those around me to further His kingdom encourages me to look for God in each part of my own life. My faith is strengthened because of this school. The things I learn here help reinforce what I learn at church and at home, and make my relationship with Christ that much more personal."

– Chloe Hansen, Class of 2023

"We love the family atmosphere at GCA. Christ is very important in our own lives and we wanted that for our children so that when they grow older, they will always have that with them. We are so happy that GCA teaches the same values that we teach at home."

– Jamie Mills, Parent

"I have grown so much in my faith this year because of our amazing staff! Our culture, especially in the last several months, has pulled young people in so many directions, forcing us to reexamine our values and beliefs based on Biblical truth. Being in a Christian environment during this time has really helped my faith and encouraged me!"

– Ella Pound, Class of 2022

"I have learned so much. I know that out in the world I will be able to decipher right from wrong and be able to stand up for what the Bible says is true even if it goes against the flow of things."

– Luke Holt, Class of 2024

GCA at a Glance

100% Graduation Rate

16 middle school and high school athletic teams

Daily Bible Class, Weekly Chapel and Small Group Study