Admissions/Tuition & Fees

An affordable investment in your child's future.

Because this decision will last a lifetime.

Tuition can often cause families to believe that a Christian education is out of reach, but we strive to help our families through a monthly payment plan, financial aid, and  scholarship opportunities such as the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program. Ask us questions. Explore what we offer. Consider the return you’d like to see and decide for yourself that a GCA education is an investment worth making.


Elementary $6,085
Middle School $6,360
High School $6,585
Middle School Per Class $1,075
High School Per Class $1,100


Registration Fee $315
FACTS Fee $43



Pay in Full $100
Second Child $300
Third Child $600
Fourth Child and Up 50%

Meet with our Enrollment Director to see how Christian Education can be affordable for your family.

Financial Aid Opportunities

The EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

The EdChoice Expansion Scholarship is an income-based scholarship where families who are applying for the first time must have a total household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.

The EdChoice Traditional Scholarship

The EdChoice Traditional Scholarship is based upon the school of your residence and if they have failed to meet the Ohio Department of Education’s standards for education excellence.

EdChoice Scholarship Requirements

The Ohio Department of Education requires a student to be accepted and fully enrolled at Granville Christian Academy prior to submitting an application for either of the EdChoice Scholarships. To read more about eligibility, school choice and the application process for the Ohio Department of Education’s Ed Choice Scholarship Program, please visit their website.

FACTS Financial Aid

Families who are not eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship can apply for need-based financial aid through their FACTS account. The student must be accepted and fully enrolled at Granville Christian Academy prior to submitting an application for FACTS financial aid.

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer Pay-In Full, Semi-Annual and Monthly payment options for our families.

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