Starting the GCA journey with kindergarten.

Where every child is valued, seen, and encouraged to become who they are called to be.

Providing a safe, nurturing community.

Our kindergarten classes prepare students to enter elementary grades with confidence.

  • Phonics-based, developmentally appropriate approach to reading
  • Foundational mathematics skills
  • Fine arts and physical education
  • Development of social skills
  • Spiritual growth

These steps helps pave the way for our students to become leaders who serve others.

Prepare your child to learn and explore in a classroom environment.

We want your child to start succeeding the moment they walk on our campus. That’s why we provide you with resources to make sure they are ready to enter kindergarten.

Online Readiness Resources

ABCmouse Early Learning Academy

Engage your child in lessons for a variety of subject areas, as well as games and other learning activities.

INFOhio Ohio's PreK-12 Digital Library

Take advantage of a variety of educational tools to use with your children.

Ohio Department of Education

Find many kindergarten readiness tips and much more.


A place where children can practice writing their letters and numbers, and learn to read with phonics.

"My husband grew up in a Christian school, and really wanted our children to have the same opportunity. I had to be convinced, but I am fully committed in that decision now. The academics are amazing and her ability to stand firm in her faith makes me grateful that she can attend. In Kindergarten, Eva learned a valuable lesson to not give into fear. We are so thankful she has carried that in her heart!"

– Bethany Malloy, Parent

"We love the family atmosphere at GCA. Christ is very important in our own lives and we wanted that for our children so that when they grow older, they will always have that with them. We are so happy that GCA teaches the same values that we teach at home."

– Jamie Mills, Parent

"There is so much that we love about GCA! We love that his education is Bible-Based and how much the teachers love and care for their students. Ronny's prayer life has grown as a kindergartener and I am so grateful for the faith foundation he is learning from studying the Bible."

– Ronda Graham, Parent


Do you offer full-time kindergarten?

Yes, our kindergarten students begin their school day at 8:05 AM and end at 3:05 PM.

Do you provide After School Care?

We offer After School Care for all students K-12 from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM. More information about our After School Care options along with pricing can be found HERE.

What specials do you offer for kindergarten students?

We offer Art, Chapel, Computer, Family Groups, Library, Music, and Physical Education.

Do you have a birthday cutoff for Kindergarten?

Kindergarteners are placed according to their readiness through assessments given by GCA.

What can I do to help prepare my student for Kindergarten?

Please scroll up to find online kindergarten readiness resources that we recommend using to help prepare your child.

What are the best indicators that my child is ready for kindergarten?

Aside from an interest in and familiarity with letters and numbers, the best indicators are two fold:

Can your child focus on an activity for 10-15 minutes coming into kindergarten in August? For example, can he/she work on a puzzle, color a picture, or build a Lego structure and stay focused even with distractions around him/her?

Can your child take direction? Will he/she respond with a good attitude and do what you have asked him/her in a timely manner?

Can your child follow multi-step instructions?  For example, can he/she be asked to stand up, push the chair in, go to the door, touch the doorknob, come back and sit down?

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