Academics/Middle School

Developing young disciples.

We guide the growth of our students from middle school to high school.

 In middle school, our students begin to develop a deeper understanding of their unique interests and strengths. We encourage students to get involved in clubs and activities, and participate in community events to practice servant leadership and further discover the person they are called to be. Students are also given more academic support as they take on more challenging and rigorous opportunities and responsibilities.

Biblically-integrated academic curriculum.

Core academic disciplines are integrated with Biblical teachings to provide students a holistic education. We believe in preparing our students to succeed in high school not just academically, but personally and spiritually.

As they grow into their unique selves and come up against a number of challenges, we mentor our students in their emotional and spiritual growth and reliance on Christ through struggles and hardships.

Growing together in community.

Our students have many opportunities to deepen friendships and develop lifelong skills through team collaborations, clubs, and activities. From going on trips, to volunteering through service projects, to playing on athletic teams, our middle schoolers get to strengthen their knowledge in community and service to others.

Prepared to take the next step into high school.

We ensure our students are ready for high school. We implement organization and academic skills to expand their learning and comprehension. And through academic services like English and math labs, individualized instruction, and tutoring, students become well equipped for any future academic challenges. Scroll down to learn more about our middle school curriculum.

Middle School Curriculum

"We love being a part of the GCA family! The education is top-notch, and our son stays motivated and encouraged throughout the year. The school nurtures the entire student (mind, body, and soul) and goes above and beyond with events like reading week, science week, community service projects, etc. Parents get the opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the excitement as well. We really can’t say enough positive things about GCA. So thankful for all they do!"

– Leah Latshaw, Parent

"We love the family atmosphere at GCA. Christ is very important in our own lives and we wanted that for our children so that when they grow older, they will always have that with them. We are so happy that GCA teaches the same values that we teach at home."

– Jamie Mills, Parent

"One of the things I love most about GCA are the smaller classes. This is because I can make better connections with the students in my class, while also being able to connect with others outside of my grade."

– Skyler Weekley, Class of 2026

"I have learned so much. I know that out in the world I will be able to decipher right from wrong and be able to stand up for what the Bible says is true even if it goes against the flow of things."

– Luke Holt, Class of 2024


Do you offer advanced and honors courses?

Our Middle School students who are advanced in mathematics are placed into Advanced mathematics in seventh grade which will prepare them for high school Algebra I in eighth grade.  Placement in the advanced math classes follows the guidelines in the GCA Course Description Catalogue.

Does GCA have chapel services?

Yes. Our middle school students attend chapel weekly. Chapel is organized by our Principal.

Do your students take a Bible class everyday?

As we believe this is an important part of Christian education, Bible is considered a core subject and is taught every day. In addition to chapel one day per week, the K-12 classroom experience also includes Biblical integration into each academic subject on a daily basis.

Do you use technology in the classroom?

Technology is integrated throughout our curriculum and students take a technology class as one of their electives. Within the curriculum of this course, students learn about digital citizenship and appropriate uses of technology.  Middle School students are allocated a Chromebook to use during their GCA school day.

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